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Name:  Vaibhavi (Sonia) Sirur
           Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Place:  Australia
Subject:  Rayaru helps with eyesight
Miracle:  I am Vaibhavi (Sonia) Sirur from Sydney, and we have migrated to Australia over 11 years ago. My parents Mr. Kisan Sirur and Mrs. Anjana Sirur were both born in Dharwar and have believed in Raghavendra swami right from the start. Even my grandparents Shree. Vithal Laxmeshwar and Smt. Vatsala Laxmeshwar are also followers of Shree Raghavendra Swamy. Therefore my whole family including myself have been strong believers and followers of Shree Raghavendra Swamy since early days. One such Raghavendra Swamy miracle has happened in our lives and we would like to share the story with all the devotees of Raghavendra, just to enlighten them with the fact that Raghavendra does lend a helping hand to all those in need at the appropriate time. It was the morning of the 24th Sep 1999. I was on my way to University to give an exam, when suddenly I noticed a funny floater in my right eye. I was confused and scared, as I had no idea what was happening. After a couple of hours the floater started getting bigger and progressed to a shadow in my right eye by that evening. I was so scared that I returned home that night without sitting for the examination. I asked one of my friends to take me home and as I returned my mum was also very terrified upon hearing what I said! She immediately called one of our family friends who is an eye surgeon, working in Manipal at the time. Upon talking to him, we were told to go to the Sydney Eye hospital the next morning without any delay. The next morning, 25th Sep 1999, my parents and me arrived at the Sydney Eye hospital. Upon, arrival we were asked to wait for at least 2 hours in the emergency ward of the Sydney Eye Hospital. Whilst waiting, my mum (Mrs. Anjana Sirur) and me constantly chanted the Ragahvendra stotram to calm our anxiety. I even recall my mum telling me the Mallappa Shinde incident just to tell me that Raghavendra is doing this for a reason and he will soon find a way out for me. The doctor called us in and informed us that I needed immediate surgery in my right eye, as I had a retinal detachment. There was no time for me to think or choose, and I was admitted to the hospital straightaway. My operation was performed the following morning by Dr. Playfair (one of the leading Retina Specialists in Australia) and all went well. He told me to come back for a check-up after 10 days to see how I was progressing. Upon returning for the check up after 10 days, the doctor was surprised to see that the eye was healing so well. He also asked me 'when did you have you operation, only 10 days right?' The doctor was very happy with the progress and asked me to come back in one month's time for my next check-up. During the next check-up, the doctor gave the same response. He was again happy & surprised with the fast healing process. I was then asked to come for regular 3 monthly check-ups. After 9 months of the first operation, i.e. June 1999 I saw another such 'floater' appearing in my eye. I was scared and shocked to see the whole thing happening all over again. My mother and me went to the hospital straightaway and were informed by an apprentice of the main doctor that I may need another major surgery. The doctors (who operated on me in the first instance) were not working in that long weekend and we had to wait 3 days from Sunday-Tuesday. The trainee doctor informed us to come in on Tuesday fasting, as I may have to go into surgery that day. Those three tormenting days mum and me were constantly praying to Shree Raghavendra Swamy. Mum told several stories of Raghavendra to give me courage. Before leaving for the hospital she said "If I am a true devotee of Raghavendra I will bring you home today without any operation." After reaching the hospital and talking to the head doctor, he informed us that there was no need to panic, and that I would only need laser surgery which if successful would prevent me from having the major operation. I panicked and retuned home that night after getting the laser surgery done. They had given three weeks time for the laser treatment to work. If the after 3 weeks the doctor would examine me and tell me whether I needed the major surgery or not. I was all upset and constantly thinking of Raghavendra and why this whole nightmare was occurring all over again. That night me and my mother started praying to ask him "what we had done wrong, for him to punish us like this?" we put two tuppad (ghee) deepas in front of the Raghavendra photo and spent the night in dismay. For the next three weeks my mum and me performed pooja and bhajan's of Raghavendra every morning and night. We also have a little brindavana of Raghavendra swamy with his feet imprinted on, which we used to make padodaka. Mum decided to eat one time and sleep in the pooja room on a mat as part of her vrata. Two weeks had passed from us doing the pooja, and we just kept praying to calm our anxiety. It was the midnight of 20th June 1999, I suddenly started getting scared and could not sleep. I approached mum who was in the pooja room next door to my bedroom, and told her that I was feeling worried and could not sleep. She told me to calm down and wash my feet so that I could come and sleep next to her on the floor. She gave me the padodaka that we were making everyday since the first day of the vrata. Soon after my mum fell asleep. I was still wide-awake and could not sleep a wink. I kept looking at the Raghavendra Swamy photo right opposite to where I was sleeping. It was about 2.30 am on the morning of the 21st June 1999 (Tuesday), when I suddenly felt like a light was shining in my eye. It was like the operation theatre light being let into my eye. I also felt really puzzled and scared at same time, it was as if someone was looking into my eyes and doing something. In addition, I could feel a slight pulling sensation in both my eyes and felt someone's presence in the room. I started shivering and wanted to wake my mum up who was snoring beside me. I thought it was really strange that, my mum being a light sleeper and knowing that her daughter couldn't sleep was fast asleep. I tried to lift my hand to shake my mum who was only 30 centimetres away from me, but I could not move. I just lay there facing the roof, when I usually sleep on my stomach. All of a sudden my fear had turned into excitement, I did not know what I was experiencing, I kept staring at the Raghavendra swamy photo in front of me and kept repeating to myself. "Raghavendra, I know you are here and you are not going to let anything happen to my eyes" over and over again. I kept shivering for the next 10 minutes or so and kept feeling the same shining light and a pulling sensation in both my eyes before I fell asleep. At about 5.30 a.m. my mum and I heard a bang around the house, and suddenly woke up at exactly the same moment as we saw a shadow pass the window in the pooja room. The first words that came out of my mum's mouth was "Vaibhu Rayaru has come". I was half asleep so I ignored her comment by saying "Mum you are always thinking of Rayaru" and we both walked to the front door to see who the person was. To our surprise it was the gasman who was delivering our cylinder. We both thought it was rather strange that the gasman had come so early in the morning at 5.30 am. Anyway we both returned to our beds and went to sleep. It was around 7.45 a.m. on 21st June 1999, when I was woken up by my mum, as I used to drop my parents and sister to the train station every morning in our car. As I woke up to get the car keys my mum noticed my eyes and shockingly said "Vaibhu why are your eyes so red and puffy"? To that I replied "Mum please leave me alone, my eyes are fine, I don't know what you are talking about". My sister, also noticed dark red Akkikalu (Mantrakshate) in my hair, and said, "look mum in her hair". To which I replied mum I think you put that on my head last night, so I could sleep peacefully. However, the Mantrakshate we make at home looks quite different, as it is made of smaller grains that are light red in colour and not larger grains that are dark red in colour like at Mantralayam. The grains on my head were the latter ones like the Mantrakshate at Mantralayam. After all this we all left to go to the station. When I returned home, I began to re-collect what had happened the night before and was not sure if is should mention anything to anyone. Just then the home phone rang, it was my mum and I decided to tell her everything that had happened. My mum started crying going, Vaibhu it was Raghavendra who has come and healed your eye. I could not believe this and wondered why would Raghavendra bless some normal individual like me. Anyway, I had to put it to test, so I thought to myself, Raghavendra if you really have come and touched my eyes, please show me a sign. My eye appointment was only 4 days away, it was almost 3 weeks and the doctor was going tell me whether the laser surgery was successful or not. During these last 4 days I noticed a change in my right eye. After the first operation, my night vision in this eye has not been 100%, I used to get this fuzzy feeling and the doctor had told me that perhaps it was a side effect, which he could do nothing about. Especially since I did not need glasses. Well since I had asked Raghavendra to show me a sign, he did, after 4 days or so, this funny fuzzy feeling I used to get in my right eye disappeared miraculously. I told my mum all this, which she did not know about and we were both certain after this that something truly miraculous had happened to me. The following Tuesday (28th June 1999) I arrived at the hospital all nervous, to see what the doctor was going to suggest. To my surprise the doctor's words were "Amazing, beautiful, the retina looks great". I was shocked, and so was the doctor, he told me that he did not think that the laser would have worked but was truly impressed by the results. He wished me luck and told me to calm down and return home as my eyes were now out of danger. That night me and my family all sat down to re-collect the very moments of that night that had changed my life! The more we thought about what had happened the more we began to believe that something had really happened. Firstly, the gasman appearing at 5.30 am, we actually called up the gas company and were informed that no one starts duty before 7.30 - 8 am every morning. So the gasman was Raghavendra who had appeared in front of us in the form of a gas deliveryman. Secondly, the fact that the first words out of my mother's mouth when we both saw the shadow passing was " Vaibhu Raghavendra has come", when she had no idea until later that day, what had happened to me at 2.30 am that morning. Thirdly, the Akkikalu on my head, was not the light red one we made at home, but looked exactly like the very Akkikalu you see in Mantralayam. Fourthly, the sign that I had prayed to Raghavendra to show me, when the side effect that I had in my right eye for the past 9 months suddenly disappeared. Finally, the doctor's very own words, "Amazing, beautiful and the retina looks great" all lead to the same conclusion that what happened on the morning of the 21st June 1999 was no coincidence but a miracle, which has changed my life. I will never forget that early morning when Raghvendra's was present in my house in Sydney, touched my eyes and blessed me. I truly believe that there are no barriers for where Raghavendra can't travel as he came across seven seas to bestow his blessing upon me. From then onwards I have continued my eye appointment on a regular basis and I only hear one response "wow the retina looks great, and we will see you after 6-9 months". My ongoing faith in Raghavendra increases day by day and I would like to let all the readers know that if you have unbending faith in Shree Raghavendra Swamy, and pray to him with utmost devotion he will lend a helping hand to you, at the most appropriate time. I am currently working at a top most accounting firm in Sydney called 'Ernst and Young'. I believe that all the success that I am achieving at the moment and all the success and happiness I will achieve in the future years is all because of Raghavendra's Swamy's blessing on me and my family. Om Shree Raghavendraya Namah! From:


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